Submissions received by the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland

On 1st September 2017, the Commission launched its website and a press release was issued, inviting submissions from interested parties by email or in writing, to a deadline of 31st January 2018. In November, an online portal for submissions was added to the website. 

Requests for submissions were sent to key policing bodies and stakeholder organisations including representative organisations and NGOs. Public invitations for submissions were made on a regular basis during the consultation period on twitter, through additional press statements and at public engagements. Regular updates on the Commission’s work were published during this period, and are available here.

On 15th November, TDs, Senators and their staff were invited to an informal briefing in Leinster House, where they were invited to make submissions on behalf of their political parties/groups and to encourage their constituents to do likewise. To assist, leaflets about the Commission’s consultation process and template newsletter articles were distributed to attendees.

A deadline for receipt for submissions was set as 31st January 2018; however, a small number of submissions were received after this date and taken into account by the Commission.

For ease of reference, submissions have been grouped into the following categories:

  1. Policing organisations and bodies
  2. Organisations
  3. Public representatives / political parties
  4. Academics
  5. Individuals

While all submissions received were noted by the Commission, not all have been published online. We have respected the wishes of those people/organisations who specifically requested not to have their submission published. Other submissions fell outside of our terms of reference, and while they provided the Commission with insight into individual experiences, it was decided that they should not form part of our online repository. Personal identifying information has been redacted from published submissions (unless requested otherwise). Material considered inappropriate to publish, or defamatory, has also been removed.



Policing organisations and bodies


An Garda Síochána Garda Inspectorate Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission Policing Authority Garda Representative Association
Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors Community Policing Forum North East Inner City Local Policing Forum Safer Blanchardstown Donegal JPC Fingal PPN and Community Representatives Members of the Fingal JPC

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Age Action Alice Leahy Trust An Coimisinéir Teanga Ana Liffey Drug Project. Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development
Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants Bar of Ireland BeLonG To Youth Service Cairde Care After Prison
CARI Carlow Regional Youth Services Chambers Ireland Child Law Clinic Childhood Development Initiative
Childrens Rights Alliance Citizens Information Board Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign Defence Forces Deerpark Residents Association
Dublin Cycling Campaign Dublin Town Dunhill Community Alert Dyslexia Association of Ireland European Network Against Racism
Forensic Investigations and Training Solutions Free Legal Advice Centres Hate and Hostility Research Group IBM Ireland Immigrant Council of Ireland
Institute of Family and Marriage Irish Council for Civil Liberties Irish Criminal Bar Association Irish Farmers'  Association Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
Irish Penal Reform Trust Irish Rural Link Irish Tourist Assistance Service Justice4all Law Society
Letterkenny Community Alert Neighbourhood Watch Limerick Regeneration Community Consultative Forum Limerick Seniors Forum Longford Community Resources CLG Mayfield East Community Association
Mercy Law Resource Centre Michael J. Staines and Company Solicitors Migrants Rights Centre Ireland Muintir na Tire My Lovely Horse Rescue
National Council for People with Disabilities National Traveller Womens Forum National Union of Journalists National Womens Council of Ireland Navan Road Community Council
National Adult Literacy Agency Neighbourhood Watch Lower Bancroft, Tallaght North Connaught Youth and Community Services North East Save Our Local Community Oberstown Children Detention Campus
One in Four Our Lady of Lourdes Community Services Group Pathways Centre Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre Public Service Executive Union
Rape Crisis Centres Rape Crisis Network Restorative Practices Ireland Road Safety Authority Roselawn Residents Association
Ruhama SAFE Ireland Shell to Sea Sonas St Joseph's Community Association Ltd Cork
Tallaght Drug and Alcohol Taskforce The Table Observers Treo Port Lairge CLG Treoir Uplift
Vicitms' Rights Alliance Waterford PPN Waterford Tamil Sangam Women's Aid Youth RISE
Youth Work Ireland        

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Public representatives / political parties 


Cllr. Adrian Henchy Cllr. Eddie Mulligan Cllr. Sean Lynch Cllr. Alison Gilliland Cllr. Andrew Montague
Cllr. Elena Secas Cllr. Frankie Keena Cllr. Mike Cubbard Cllr. Pat Treanor Cllr. Paul Mulville
Cllr. Sean Conlon Cllr. Deirdre O Donovan Cllr. Terry O Flaherty Michael Fitzmaurice TD Thomas Byrne TD
Maureen O Sullivan TD Jim O Callaghan TD Senator Catherine Ardagh Senator Alice Mary Higgins Joanna Tuffy 
Sinn Féin Sinn Fein (Monaghan County Council) Green Party Fine Gael Social Democrats
Dublin Mid-West Constituency Council of the Workers Party      

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Jane Mulcahy Dr Matt Bowden Dr Edward Burke Aogán Mulcahy

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Individual 1 Individual 2 Individual 3 Individual 4 Individual 5
Individual 6 Individual 7 Individual 8 Individual 9 Individual 10
Individual 11 Individual 12 Individual 13 Individual 15 Individual 16
Individual 17 Individual 18 Individual 20 Individual 23 Individual 24
Individual 26 Individual 28 Individual 29 Individual 30 Individual 31
Individual 32 Individual 33 Individual 34 Individual 35 Individual 36
Individual 37 Individual 38 Individual 40 Individual 42 Individual 43
Individual 44 Individual 45 Individual 48 Individual 49 Individual 50
Individual 51 Individual 52 Individual 53 Individual 54 Individual 55
Individual 57 Individual 58 Individual 59 Individual 60 Individual 62
Individual 63 Individual 64 Individual 67 Individual 68 Individual 69
Individual 70 Individual 71 Individual 73 Individual 74 Individual 75
Individual 76 Individual 77 Individual 78 Individual 79 Individual 80
Individual 81 Individual 82 Individual 83 Individual 84 Individual 85
Individual 86 Individual 88 Individual 89 Individual 91 Individual 92
Individual 93 Individual 95 Individual 96 Individual 97 Individual 98
Individual 99 Individual 100 Individual 101 Individual 102 Individual 103
Individual 104 Individual 105 Individual 106 Individual 107 Individual 108
Individual 109 Individual 110 Individual 111 Individual 113 Individual 114
Individual 115 Individual 116 Individual 117 Individual 118 Individual 119
Individual 120 Individual 122 Individual 123 Individual 124 Individual 125
Individual 126 Individual 127 Individual 128 Individual 129 Individual 130
Individual 131 Individual 132 Individual 133 Individual 134 Individual 135
Individual 136 Individual 137 Individual 138 Individual 139 Individual 140
Individual 141 Individual 143 Individual 144 Individual 145 Individual 146
Individual 147 Individual 150 Individual 152 Individual 153 Individual 156
Individual 157 Individual 158 Individual 160 Individual 161 Individual 162
Individual 164 Individual 165 Individual 166 Individual 169 Individual 173
Individual 174 Individual 175 Individual 176 Individual 177 Individual 178
Individual 180 Individual 181 Individual 184 Individual 186 Individual 187
Individual 188 Individual 190 Individual 191 Individual 192 Individual 193
Individual 194 Individual 195 Individual 196 Individual 197 Individual 198
Individual 200 Individual 201 Individual 202 Individual 203 Individual 204
Individual 205        

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