The report of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland, published on 18th September 2018, was the core output of the Commission’s work over sixteen months. The Commission drew upon a wide variety of knowledge, research and information sources to inform its work, including the expertise and experience of Commission members, research examining policing practices in other jurisdictions, previous reports on policing in Ireland and a broad-based and inclusive consultation process involving stakeholders, subject-matter experts, the general public and the personnel of An Garda Síochána.

The Commission’s Terms of Reference set out a requirement for consultation as follows:

“The Commission should consult widely, including with the public and civic society and any other bodies or individuals it considers appropriate.”

This Report on Consultations should be read as a companion document to the Commission’s report. It provides detail on the comprehensive programme of consultation undertaken during the lifetime of the Commission across the following five strands:

  1. Submissions from individuals, policing bodies, community groups, public representatives and organisations representing civil society;
  2. A series of regional public meetings;
  3. Meetings with Garda personnel through a programme of study visits to Garda stations;
  4. Engagement with Garda personnel;
  5. Engagement with stakeholders and experts.


 Consultations Cover


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