Survey of Garda Personnel


The Commission has recently been engaged in a consultation process in which we invited written submissions and met with communities at a number of public meetings around the country. We have also met with personnel of An Garda Síochána through visits to garda stations. This has provided us with valuable context and input for our work. We are reflecting on the issues raised with us during that consultation process and we thank all those we met for their openness in engaging with us and for the valuable input provided.


We would now like to build on the insights we gained and the submissions received by offering all personnel of An Garda Síochána the opportunity to contribute further to our process. To do this, we have issued a brief online questionnaire to all Garda staff through the Garda Portal. 


The questionnaire went live on Wednesday, 14th March and will remain open and accessible to all Garda personnel until the end of Wednesday, 28th March.


Set out below are the subject matters and questions which we have asked to be completed.



The community voice in policing


Partnerships with other agencies


Training and development




General perspectives