The Chair and representatives of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland will attend the Ploughing Championships at Screggan, Tullamore on Tuesday 19 September 2017.  

The visit is part of the Commission’s consultation and engagement process which will inform the Commission’s report to Government on the future of policing in Ireland, due to be submitted in September 2018.

The Ploughing Championships is a major public event. The Commission will be briefed by Gardaí on policing management  for the event and will also have the opportunity to meet with Gardaí to discuss community and rural policing more generally.

The Commission will also use the occasion of the Ploughing Championships to engage directly with representatives of farming organisations and the rural community with regard to particular issues of concern such as rural crime and security.  

“I am looking forward to meeting Gardaí and community representatives tomorrow, to hear their views on rural policing, community engagement and the issues facing those who police and live in rural areas” said Ms O’Toole.

“The Commission has been mandated by Government to produce a once-in-a-generation reform programme for policing in Ireland. We are consulting widely and we are keen to meet as many people and organisations as possible, both from within an Garda Siochana and the community, to inform our recommendations to government. This visit is part of that evidence-gathering process.”

“In addition to meeting with Garda management and rank-and-file members, and community and interest groups, our website – – is accepting submissions from any organisation or individual with views or opinions on the future of policing in Ireland.”