Making a Submission





We encourage you to become involved in our work by contacting us with your suggestions and comments on policing reform in Ireland.


We are inviting submissions on all topics relevant to our terms of reference.


In order to assist us in carrying out our work within the timeframe set down in our terms of reference we are asking for your suggestions and comments as soon as possible and no later than the 31 January 2018.


You can email your submission to the Commission at  or you may wish to post your submission to the Offices of the Commission.


All submissions falling within our terms of reference will be considered by the Commission members and will be used solely for the purposes of the Commission carrying out its work.


We cannot accept submissions which are not relevant to our terms of reference and we would therefore encourage you to read these when considering making a submission.


How we will handle submissions










Our Policy will be reviewed regularly in light of any legislative or other relevant developments.